Alcoholic energy drinks - Four Loko

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Yesterday I tried an energy drink that had alcohol called Four Loko. It had 11% alcohol and came in a large 24oz can.

This was the worst shit I’ve ever drunk! It tasted like Hawaiian punch mixed with cheap beer.

I only made it through half the can before I dumped the rest out.

I felt like crap. It had way too much caffeine in it. It just made me feel jittery and anxious. When I drink, I like to feel relaxed. This did not take the edge off. It made it worse.

My advice, stay away from these cheap malt beverages. YUCK!!!

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I tried one of those things. They have the alc content of ~4 regular beers, plus the stimulants. Had to drink several good beers in order to sleep. Felt kinda good for a while though...

"Once we got to the point where twenty/something's needed a place on the corner that changed the oil in their cars we were doomed . . ."

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