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You generally cannot buy skydiving gear wholesale. Dealers usually pass on some portion of their discount, for example, it is pretty common for dealers to save you 20-25% off the suggested retail price of canopies and containers. Some small time dealers who aren't in it to make money will pass on their full dealer discount which can be up to 50% on some products.


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Wholesale pricing for Dealers who push high volumes of equipment tends to be about 35% OF MANUFACTURER'S RETAIL PRICING on mains, reserves and, containers.

Now think about the fact no major dealer sells much of anything at retail and most start discount pricing at 20% off retail and go up from there and you'll see that being a dealer is a quick way to go broke.

I spent 5 years working in the gear buisness for dealers.
You're not as good as you think you are. Seriously.

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