Help a Skydiver – And Penguins do fly...

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Okay, a local skydiver is trying to win a trip to Antarctica. There is a contest that people need to vote for and the winner gets the trip and a job as a blogger for the travel company. She decided to play up the adventitious aspects of her life and do a skydive with a penguin. Check out the pictures attached.

Please go to the link below and help a fellow skydiver!

You do need to register your email address, as that is how they are keeping track. Please vote for her and Spunky the penguin!!!


Please note: the jump was planned in coordination with the S&TA. And while the pictures show her solo there was a team of skydivers in the air around her, a plan to jettison the penguin in the event of a problem, and an AFFI just out of frame, etc. While it is a special skydive extraordinary safety precautions were taken.

Thanks for your support!
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