Operation Repo on Tru TV

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If ANY of you have an e-mail address I can send my scathing admonishment to, please PM me. I want to tell the network what a fucking CUNT I think this seroid-prick Matt is. Likewise, if any of you have a direct e-mail addy to the people who present Whale Wars, please send that to me via PM. I haven't read this forum since I quit being a moderator three years ago.

STILL an angry white man, after all these years.

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That show is one of the worst pieces of crap on TV today.

And as a former repo agent, I can say that their methods and techniques are illeagal in most states and are likely to end up with someone's death.

The 'Goon' used as muscle on that show would look much better lying in the street, with a large caliber hole in his forehead.

"Now I've settled down,
in a quiet little town,
and forgot about everything"

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That show is staged.To unreal to beleve..For instence.
They just repoed a beamer and Matt is driving the Tow truck.And there's a camera man riding in the beamer being towed.Matt hss to take a piss.Cant hold it any longer.So he floors the tow truck to get to
A pisser.And going around a corner he flips the beamer and total's it.Camera man is okay.Matt gets fired.But gets rehired in the next episode.Because he just happens to be in the neighbor hood where there repoeing a car at a paintball center,And they get attacked by a bunch a guys and girls shooting paintballs at them.And Matt comes to the rescue.
And gets his job back.So tell me that show is not staged.

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