Buying a 2nd hand Cypres 2

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I agree, ask for the serial number and send Airtec an email. They can tell you, just in case there is something to tell about (serial nr. does not fit together with DOM, reported stolen, fired once, etc.)
bying a used Cypres is much less risk, than buying a used canopy or gear.
blue skies and happy jumps

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For one that new, you will be paying almost full price anyway..so why not spend the extra few bucks and just get a new one.
"We've been looking for the enemy for some time now. We've finally found him. We're surrounded. That simplifies things." CP

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Hi Kat,

The offer should include the Cypres2 unit itsself, a manual, the small plastic "owner" bag with a spare filter, the filter changer tool and a loop/pullup/disc.
Each Cypres2 is delivered with a "Test Certificate" from Airtec, where the serial number, the version of the unit and the next maintenance date is noted. This certificate should be with the unit.
You can compare the serial number :
1.which shown on demand in the display
2. the serial number printed on the label
3.the serial number in the test certificate .

If in doubt, you can send me an Email and ask about this certain unit.

Blue Skies,


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