Whirlpool Washer Sometimes Fails to Spin

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On some washers, There are two solenoids on the transmission that are controlled by the timer. The wires
going to them have a tendency to break inside the insulation.
Just a thought. Unplug the washer before you touch them..:)
The other thing is the door or cover switch..

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I looked under it and it appear to be a direct/transmission drive instead of a belt drive.

Anyone got an idea of what is occurring?

Unbalanced load - aka clothes are bunched up on on side of the bucket.
Usually happens more with blankets or heavy clothes or shoes.
Redistribute the load and reset the dial to spin.
The 'sometimes' remark goes well with this issue.

Kill switch might be partially broken and only engages some of the time.
Trying jamming the switch and make sure you always close the lid.

Clean the dial that selects the cycle.
Before you take apart the back side try rotating the dial around a couple of times to 'clean' the dust that way.
The front of the dial should pop off easily and is keyed - like a stove dial.

There may also be a one-way water valve shut-off for the off-chance that the tub basin (where the outgoing water goes) backs up.

Then you can go start looking at the electro-mechanical reasons.

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Check the lid switch, it could be cracked and not making connection everytime the lid goes down. If you need parts let me know I work for a company that sells them and I can give you a deal!

Also look on the under the center of the washer on the ground, is there and black rubber chunks or dust? Could be a bad coupler.
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As Makeithappen wrote, very likely an unbalanced load. We have a newer front loading Whirlpool washer that will make several attempts to balance the load so it can spin. If it can't, it locks out and must be reset. Since it spins at 1200 rpm all hell would break out if it spun unbalanced.

How about a model number?
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