Adopting a Boxer

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Haven't heard anything yet.

Just waiting ... and hoping ... :)

Well, I spent over 2 hours on the phone with Bug's foster mom, Gail, today.

She told me all about her and what the challenges are going to be (mostly separation anxiety but Gail said that after having Bug with her for the last 2 months, that has almost completely stopped - she's adjusting really well).

She's going to tee up a home visit with the Alberta Rescue folks for me.

Gail did say that after talking to me today, she'd be willing to waive the home visit and just have me come to Quesnel and get Bug. I told her that I wanted HER to be comfortable with where Bug was going to be living and to arrange the home visit. That way she could be sure.

So, looks like if everything goes well when they visit, I'll have a new "daughter"! :)
I'll keep you posted.

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A friend of mine recently adopted two deaf boxers and speaks very highly of the breed.B|

They are ADORABLE! Look just like the big fat white guy I already own! B|B|B|


You don't OWN me!!!


Congrats on the new furkid!!
I love you, Shannon and Jim.
POPS 9708 , SCR 14706

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