What comes after your first hop n pop?

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They have not explained to me anything about progression, just the info necessary to do my first, and then second SL jump.

Well that is a problem in the industry we see all to often and it's a big reason why people don't return and keep with the sport. When the sport is as expensive as it is, people expect to be treated in a professional manner and they expect to be educated, at least anyone who takes the time to show up again for a second jump.

That shows interest on the part of the student, a good school will give you short run down of the progression in the FJC and then again after your first jump, most will hand you a first jump certif. and additional info about the progression and how to get an A lic. along with a bumper sticker as a parting gift.

However sometime DZ's are busy and the people running the ship forget the customer is #1 and fail to remember to not let people fall between the cracks, return students are hard enough to find and when you let them slip by because something as simple as taking the time to talk to them and explain what comes next or print off a progression chart to hand them, it only takes a few minutes time to do.

A good instructional staff and office management staff will find a way to work it into the everyday operation as SOP and even then people will still leave without a clue, some of that due to being overloaded after the jump....

But there is no excuse once they return for a second jump.

It always blows my mind when I a call a dz and some bitchy ass chick or dude answers the phone like WTF do you want tone of voice and they maintain that tone for the call... A lot of DZO"s need to fire the full time & weekend help who act like pricks and get someone who can handle the stress of running manifest and the phone at the same time without being an asshole to those who are calling their place of business for info and those standing at the counter/office.

This industry is it's own worse enemy when it comes to running off customers or people leaving the sport!
you can't pay for kids schoolin' with love of skydiving! ~ Airtwardo

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