92 Jav. Container

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You mentioned in another thread that you wanted to start sit flying. Most 92 Javs I've seen have not been ideal for that.

There is some issue with both the main closing flap and the riser covers staying closed in those older models.

Also there is some bridle exposure that could cause major problems like a premature conatiner opening and/or horseshoe malfunction.

If you decide to go with that container, you may not be able to freefly in it.

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I have a Jav J1 container from 93. I've put 230 jumps on it.

I expect it is much the same as your 92 (mine has 92 stamped on the big ring)

After I bought it I had the main pin flap stiffened, the BOC tightened, and a bridle cover added.

I Freefly with it all the time (at least 200 jumps) and have never had even the main flap pop open.

That said, it was in very good condition when I bought it.

Take it to a (good) rigger and let them decide.
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