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I have only lived in Fl for a bit over a yr so I am not sure where that beach is that you are talking about. I am sure skymama would be able to answer the question....:D

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does that mean no or yes?

im PRETTY SURE that flagler is on that coast.

i was at daytona saturday and found out the hard way that it was biketoberfest, lol. either way it was a good time and we got to see a lot of sweet rides :)
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last night's sunset outside my window.

I'm a sunset Nut..
Me filming a Sunset 16 over Perris, from the DC 3 this is just screen capture from the video...taken about 93, because my son wasn't born yet!

Me and my wife at Sturgis...(also

Another DC3 sunset...them planes may be slow, but they sure were fun ....


Ohau.... Just down the beach from dilingham!


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