encounters of the 4th kind

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I loved it. My girlfriend said I woke her up screaming in my sleep the night we watched the midnight opening.

I can see how it got bad reviews though, The writer tried too hard to be convincing of the 'actual' footage.

PS- I LOVED "Fire in the Sky" as well.

PPS-forgive the thread revival.

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Sounds encouraging! I know next to nothing about the movie but from the adverts I didn't feel inspired to see it. Maybe I will now.

I remember reading 'Communion' when it came out and being really spooked by that (I've never seen the subsequent film). Thing was, I'd never heard of the author and took it at face value. When I recommended it to someone else and told them who'd written it he said: what, Whitley Strieber the horror writer? :|

The discovery that it was probably pure fiction really spoiled it for me. :(

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