Remember this? (Harold & Maude)

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I've always loved that movie.

I was sad to see the "Hearse Jag" destroyed. I thought that was a way cool car (yes, I understand the symbolism). I did, however, like that the car didn't explode on impact.

I also loved the "suicides" Bud Cort did. Especially the one when his mother introduced him to the actress who (after checking to see the knife was spring-loaded) did the Juliet soliloquy (sp?). And then his mim walked in.:D:D:D

"There are NO situations which do not call for a French Maid outfit." Lucky McSwervy

"~ya don't GET old by being weak & stupid!" - Airtwardo

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I watched this film with my mother when I was a youngin, I’ve always been fond of the flick.


My mother took me to see it at CSUS when I was a kid. The bitch beat the shit out of me for most of my childhood, but she sure had good taste in movies.

"Once we got to the point where twenty/something's needed a place on the corner that changed the oil in their cars we were doomed . . ."

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