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I'll 2nd that; I also been using a Singer 112W115 for over 30 yrs. I think Para-Gear has fairly good pricing on a binding tape folder.


I have a Para-Gear folder on my light weight double needle machine and it works great on thin materials, up to D-bag thickness.
For thicker materials (i.e. container stiffeners) I use a heavier weight Consew with an expensive (90 degree) folder from Atlanta Attachments.

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I have a singer 212 (self-oiling)


I called 'em up and ordered a 112 and the guy said that for the same price he'd sell me a 212 because he would have to re-finish the 112's. I got a great deal on it...

I don't have the binder attachment permanently installed yet but a friend of mine who builds base rigs has the right-angle binder on his 112. Can't go wrong with either the 112 or the 212 I don't think.

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