Got my wisdom teeth pulled...

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Ice 20 minutes on- 20 off and you will need those perscriptions filled and brought to your side with water and a bib - drink soup and it will be about a week and 1/2 before you get anywhere near normal- rest dude!-Caress
I've learned.... That being kind is more important than being

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still feeling great. They gave me the same shit that killed Michael Jackson.

I'm getting mine done this month too, but first this week I need a jaw/gum scaling and scraping done to clear infection there and then I need a root canal/crown on an abscessed tooth to clear infection there... THEN they'll be able to take out my wisdoms. Luckily only 2 are impacted, but I don't mind waiting since more pain is coming from the two infections rather the impacted wisdoms.

Did you get put out? I have the option, but since I'm already spending $4,000 on all the other work I figured I might as well save the $800 deductible I'd pay for getting knocked out and just suck on the gas and take some happy pills before I get them done at my regular dentist.

Good luck healing up. I'm totally not looking forward to it, especially since I cook every night and LOVE food. [:/]
Apologies for the spelling (and grammar).... I got a B.S, not a B.A. :)

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