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The first time I "smelled" South Africa I almost passed out from being so......relaxed.
It has this rich earthy smell. Reminded me of my grandmothers garden in Tehran.
I had to actually grab the wall to keep from falling over.
If I ever hit the lotto, which will never happen, other than buying a tunnel for my friends I would move to RSA, Cape Town and just live at peace for as long as I could.
Life through good thoughts, good words, and good deeds is necessary to ensure happiness and to keep chaos at bay.

The only thing that falls from the sky is birdshit and fools!

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i remember when we lived on a hotel outside kruger park named crocodile inn, i cant remember the name of the town.
but anyways, there was a river right next to the hotel.
me and a friend walked down to the river, and aprox 10 feet from the water there was this wire at about ankle height, and we just thought "what an jackass, someone might trip and fall in the river".
we walked along the river for a while and later sat down to talk, a few minutes later a man came down to us and said:
"uuuummmm.... i dont recomend that"
"ummm... there can be crocodiles and poison snakes in the water, thats why this wire is here"

anywhere else in the world they would scream at you "get away from there!!!", but he was so calm that it almost didnt make sense

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2 good friends of mine here at the Univ. of Colorado

Wow, those girls are taller than you.:o
And very pretty. Ya got some nice lookin' friends.:)

Thanks, i'm sure they'd appreciate that.

And its tough to tell, but i'm actually holding them both up. If I met a girl who was over 6'5, that would probably scare me :S
Puttin' some stank on it.

----Hellfish #707----

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Also last night, working on bike jumps for my son , he in Dago...Shitty quility shots, but ya get an Idea of what the middle of Decmeber is like here in our slice of heaven!
Me being the Foreman...
beautiful sunset last night...wish I was better with this new camera.....:$
Checking out our new berms....


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