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The idea behind this website is that when possible, support your local
skydivers. If you have the option of going to any restaurant, would it
not be better to go visit a fellow skydiver at their place? If you
need work done on your house, maybe it would be best to use someone
from the dropzone? If your company is hiring, ask around at the
dropzone to see if there is someone in need of work. If you are
traveling, find places that are owned by skydivers local to where you
are (or where you are going to be).

Please take some time to look around the site, register, add your
business, post open jobs, and generally get a feel for the site. Let
me know what you think as comments and criticisms are always welcome (and encouraged since this is for the community). You can find me on facebook at fan page Support Skydivers, Twitter @skydiversupport , email me at [email protected], or even respond to this thread.

Please also pass this around at your local dropzone. The only way for
this site to be useful is for the community to grow it and support it.

Note that we are not looking to replace/compete with anything already
out there (like Dropzone.com for instance), we just want the community be able to help out its own.

Blue skies-

(aka Dr. Jenn)

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Awesome, that is what I wanted when I started Karnage Krew up, but it slowly got a bit too focused on gear without being able to have time to get anything else set up.
I think it is a brilliant idea, make sure it is world friendly

.Karnage Krew Gear Store

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It is a work in progress and we are working daily to bring it up to speed any feedback is greatly appreciated.
It is world friendly if it does not work for your country please send an email to [email protected] so we can fix it.
Thank you for the kudos and please spread the word. It'll only work if we get the businesses.
Happy New Year!

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