Vote for my 9yr olds school please.

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I just voted for your kids school.

I Cut/Pasted the results after my vote.

Rymfire Elementary School (26%, 2,349 Votes)
Belle Terre Elementary School (24%, 2,188 Votes)
Indian Trails Middle School (19%, 1,739 Votes)
Pathways Academy (8%, 683 Votes)
Wadsworth Elementary School (5%, 468 Votes)
Matanzas High School (5%, 422 Votes)
Flagler Palm Coast High School (4%, 394 Votes)
Bunnell Elementary School (3%, 267 Votes)
Old Kings Elementary School (3%, 248 Votes)
Buddy Taylor Middle School (3%, 201 Votes)

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for what? =D

You are so lazy.:D:D Okay, here's a cut and paste from the top of this thread:

A local business will give one of the schools in Flagler County $4000 dollars for landscaping. It doesn't seem like a lot but that is $4000 that the school can save and put towards educational supplies. If you can please vote.

The school is Belle Terre Elementary....


It's for D_Squared431's kid, so just do it.B|


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