Vote for my 9yr olds school please.

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A local business will give one of the schools in Flagler County $4000 dollars for landscaping. It doesn't seem like a lot but that is $4000 that the school can save and put towards educational supplies. If you can please vote.

The school is Belle Terre Elementary....

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Oooops :P

To all students, faculty, parents, friends, & family:

It has been brought to our attention that some individuals have taken advantage of the Victory Gardens “one per day” voting process. In an effort to make the contest fair to all schools, we have been forced to re-design the voting process to only allow one vote per computer IP address per 24 hours. We realize that many schools and businesses share one IP address which may limit the amount of voting from a single location. It will be up to you to get the word out and tell all your friends, family, etc to vote from their personal computers. We have re-set the polls and extended the voting deadline by one week.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


VerdeGo Staff

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I just voted again.

You're in the lead!!!:)

Hey John you sharing?:P I voted again 10 min before you and they were 190 votes behind. They are still 190 votes behind...... so you either voted for the wrong school>:( or i want some of what you got!:D:D:D:ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:
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