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You have nine email addresses???


I have three. :$

My personal & work, my junk, and my other junk. :P

I actually have more than nine but never use them. I do use 5 on a regular basis though..
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Thanks for the votes! (and the compliments) :)
I'm not sure if it's a once per day thing. I'll be sure to let you know.

Yes, it is a 1 in a 24 hour limit per email address, and it don't appear to be sending verification emails unless you check the "accept emails" box. I encourage everyone to either use multiple emails or do what I suggested earlier about adding the extra digit. If you have private/paid email like Godaddy email, you can set it so that it's a catch all so if someone sends you an email, but spells your name wrong, it will catch it and you will get it anyway. that's how I know for sure the I will be able to verify the votes if they send a verification.

Hope that helps..
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Since it is asking for emails to vote i just voted 9 times for him...Good luck

Good idea! I just added 4 more addresses. If I get extra time today, I'll start adding addresses of my family members. :ph34r:
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