Skydiver wedding proposal...

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Hey folks,
support the skydive Wedding! My buddy and comrade is in a challenge to win a honeymoon-trip to Barbados by weddix.de. He is an enthusiastic skydiver, Master Sergeant in the SF (Airborne) and one of the very few owners of Germanys Medal of Honour for his duty in AFG.
Support him for the most romantic proposal with your vote here:

Go for "Heiraten? - Im freien Fall"

Found out more about the proposal and see pics, klick here:
http://www.weddix.de/community/2010-deutschlands-romantischter-heiratsantrag/2010-deutschlands-romantischter-heiratsantrag-8.html (in German)

Thanks and blue skies!!!

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I'm embarrassed to say that its been 25 years since I was fluent in German. There's not a lot of folks in my area who speak German, so my apologies for using the MS Word translation tool for the proposal article...


My life companion Markus and I are for seven years a pair. Markus is a paratrooper with the German Federal Armed Forces. My largest desire was to be always experienced it together with it a parachute jump. In May 2009 was it then so far. With a Benefizspringen in favor of the family of an impact accumulation patient my desire should fulfill itself. I did not know at this time yet that more than one dream would become true .

With my first jump, I enjoyed alone the flight feeling and already that was overwhelming. Markus could do me already well enough, in order to only plan the request for the second jump , in order to fade out first of all possible Vorahnungen and to get over secondly my full attention.

And there I after this first jump really so ekstatisch the flight feeling devoted was, counted I in no way with what should still come. When I was again in the airplane, I thought only of the forthcoming jump. I did not notice Markus excitement in the background at all and then went it already again loosely - my tandem master and I fell from the airplane and floated in the sky, as Markus on us came and I on the visor of its helmet „MARRYING??? “to read could - which for a feeling! I could only again and again cry and even if we missed the crossed rings painted on the meadow with the landing, we are now the luckiest engaged ones in the world.

In May our wedding will be and up to then can tell I all that I already experienced the most beautiful day of my life with the proposal of Markus!!!

As to Markus, he is listed in Wiki as....


Cross of Honour for Bravery

On July 6, 2009 four German soldiers of Paratrooper Battalion 263, Airborne Brigade 26, Special Operations Division were the first recipients of the Cross of Honour for Bravery. The honoured soldiers are:

Hauptfeldwebel (Master Sergeant) Jan Berges
Hauptfeldwebel (Master Sergeant) Alexander Dietzen
Hauptfeldwebel (Master Sergeant) Henry Lukács
Oberfeldwebel (Sergeant 1st Class) Markus Geist

A suicide bomber attacked a German patrol in Kunduz, North Afghanistan on October 20 2008. The Mungo-personnel carrier the Germans had traveled in caught fire and large quantities of ammunition stored aboard went off. A German soldier and five Afghan children were immediately killed by the blast. Three other troopers as well as another child were seriously injured. Berges, Dietzen, Lukács and Geist rushed to their aid and were eventually able to rescue two Germans and the child at the risk of their lives. They also secured another soldier who had suffered mortal wounds and was trapped inside the destroyed vehicle.


Nobody has time to listen; because they're desperately chasing the need of being heard.

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