Adventurechick, coming to a city near you!! Road trip!

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Where's Anchorage in your tour??? [:/]



What's up?! It looks like it is finally official that I will be Velocity Rigs' new employee (they make the incredible Infinity Container!)

I will be road tripping across the country from Ft. Myers, Florida to Bend, Oregon.

The plan:
Ft. Myers to Orlando
Orlando to Atlanta
Atlanta to Kansas City, MO (have to see Karen!)
Kansas City, MO to some city in Kansas
Some city in Kasas to Denver (Tunnel time already scheduled)
Denver to Wyoming- Grand Tetons/Yellowstone
Yellowstone to Twin Falls, Idaho
Twin Falls to Bend, OR

Trying to find a couch to sleep on in Kansas, Denver/Boulder, Wyoming, and Twin Falls.

If you are on that route, let me know, and we can kick it or grab a beer. This will be happening in May... dates are tba.

"Women fake orgasms - men fake whole relationships" – Sharon Stone
"The world is my dropzone" (wise crewdog quote)
"The light dims, until full darkness pierces into the world."-KDM

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I have to say that I just luv ya!!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! If I get stationed out your way I am definitely coming to visit and if I get stationed overseas YOU had better come and visit!!! DRIVE SAFE!!!! ;)
and many many hugs!!!

till later have fun & love each other seeya mb65johnny gates....
In skydiving, the only thing that stops you is the ground..............
PMS# 472 Muff #3863 TPM#95

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