Who can help with info/hookups on next shuttle launch

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So I've never seen a Shuttle launch. Only seen a bunch of landings.

I'm planning on going down for the next launch set to go May 14th I believe. Do any of the .commers here have any info for me? Possibly hookups to get me and another closer than usual?

Any help is appreciated.
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I have seen a few since moving to Orlando 2 years ago. My first was a night launch from the KSC. Awesome launch but not worth the time and money. I would recommend driving to the east end of highway 50 with a good set of binoculars. Cheap, less traffic and a better view of the vehicle coming off the tower, unless you can get to the media/executive viewing area that is. Good luck with that as by now, tickets would be gone.

My Executive Officer has a hookup at KSC and is trying to get a bunch of us from work out to the Apollo museum for the launch. We'll see...
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I have wanted to see a launch for a long time and really didn't feel like a floridian since I have never seen a launch having lived here long before the shuttle program.

So I drove down Apr 4 for the Apr 5 launch, 6:22 am
launch. I stayed at comfort inn across from deland airport. and jumped some sunday afternoon.

Got up at 3:00 am monday and drove down to Titisville arriving about 4:45 am and traffic was bad. I went out on the causeway to merritt island. Very crowded when I got there. Probably 85 % of parking spaces taken. A lot of people were there in RV's and got there the day before. By parking spaces I mean any place you could find along the road. There are some regular parking areas such as parks but those were already full by time I got there.

The drive from deland isn't bad. 45 min. Mostly

Went to space coast to jump after launch and they told me there might be a slot I could get on but no guarantee.>:( Said I should have come during the weekend when they run a plane for fun jumpers.:(
Anyway I decided not to wait and drove back to deland and jumped the rest of monday.:)
As far as the launch I was about 12 miles away and it was ok. Could not see the shuttle or tanks because there was just a huge fireball. Might be better during the day.

If you could get on KSC that would be better.

Hope this helps some.

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