Hot Tub Science for Dummies?

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New digs, hot tub, chemicals, test kit, test strips....

got this, add what, this much of that, add more of this blah blah blah:S

Any help :):$

Thanks (I hope), Ed

Go to pool store, ask for what you need, they will gladly walk you threw it...No Problem, they do it 1,287 times a day, that is what they are paid to do!

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I serviced hot tub for 4 yrs and I managed a hot tub store for 3 yrs. Keeping your water in check is not hard if you stay on top of it. You can use the reagent kit if you want but the strips are so much easier.

Your strips should be color coded. Just dip a strip according to directions on the bottle.

Your pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6. This is very important. High pH is scale forming and low pH is acidic. Either way not pleasant for you skin and not good for you tub and its equip. It wiil eat up pump seals and heater elements quickly.

Alkalinity should be between 80 t0 120 parts per million. High or low can cause excesive sanitizer consumption.

Both pH and Alk can be adjusted by adding pH and alk. increaser or decreaser. I prefer Leisure Time products which can be purchased at you local Ace hardware store cheaper than and a spa outlet. Their products Spa UP and Spa Down will adjust you pH and Alk at the same time using one product. Just adjust your water using one or two tablespoons at a time.

Calcium hardness in your water should be maintained at 250 to 450 PPM. Just use a calcium hardness increaser for that. Most water out of a well is pretty close. City supplied water may need adjustment. This is usually on your test strip also.

Next is your sanitizer. Lots of different options here. Chlorine, Bromine and other non chlorine products out there. Alot of people used to come into the store claiming to be allergic to Chlorine. I highly doubt that or they would not be able to drink city water. More than likely they had a bad experience with an over chlorinated public pool or hut tub. This is not to say that to much chlorine is not irritating to the eyes and skin because it most definatly is. Some people find that bromine is easier on there skin but I prefer chlorine. I was at one time one of the people who hated chlorine. Then I figured out how to use it properly. I put one tablespoon a day in my tub. It is a 500 gal spa. Now if there is excessive use by multiple people you will have to adjust that up to your needs. Also if you do not use it on a daily basis as I do you can come down on that but a good rule of thumb is a tablespoon a day.

On initial fill you should put in a Bottle of Metal gone which will take out all of the heavy metals.

Another product that works well for cloudy water is Brite and Clear. But just keeping you pH and alk in check and keeping it sanitized does absolute wonders for keeping your water sparkling clear.

One more thing. Make the ladies clean off all their make up before getting in. Make up is an absolute destoyer of hut tub water. Thety do make enzyme products to break down lotions and oils but you can avoid it all together. That goes for anti perspirants and hair spay and the like. Anything on your body when you get in will come off in your tub.

Also spray out your filters on a regular basis.

Getting in a clean hot tub is a pleasure but getting into a cess pool of human filth is disgusting.

It sounds like alot but its really not. It just becomes a simple routine.

I test my water and adjust every three days or so. Just find out what works for your needs.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

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If it turns green, add more stuff.

If it makes your eyes bleed when you get it, add less stuff.

If your skin is blue when you get out, turn the temperature up.

If your skin is red and blistered when you get out, turn the temperature down.

If you are sitting in the tub and you can see your feet, turn the airflow up.

If you are sitting in the tub and you can't see anyone else because the foam is over the top of your head, turn the airflow down.

If your kinky neighbors borrow it when you aren't around, or it's at a boogie, stay away from anything floating on the surface.

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Just a couple more things.

A pH increaser is generally sodium bisulfate. Muratic acid can be in small doses used to raise pH. It can be purchased at any hardware or home store.

A pH decreaser is generally sodium bicarbonate, (baking soda) which is a neutralizer. Store bought baking soda can be used for quick adjustments.

I have a Ozone generating system for extra sanitation in my spa so if you do not you may want to up your chlorine doses some.

Never fill your spa with water that has gone through a water softener. All the minerals have been removed and it is extremly hard to adjust.

A good rule of thumb is to change your water every three months or so. Well taken care of water can go longer.

I may be getting old but I got to see all the cool bands.

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