Anybody here work for Boeing???

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It is a new plant. They are filling everything from floor sweepers to engineers...

Reports say 1500 employees...but that sounds like a lot to me.

Building 787 Dreamliners...

5 right, cut!!!!!!

DUDE.... its not as cool as you might think... I worked on the 7E7/787 program for a couple years... hell I even volunteered to test jump it for them at Paine Field;):):) ( I have stood in the rear door of number one and checked it out... its TOTALLLY doable:):))

When they went from the Development phase to the so called sustaining phase and they brought in REAL Boeing managers instead of the IT people who had been running it... reality set in.

The team lead left within a week leaving me as the most experienced person to deal with the daily OS/IIS ( because of the memory leaks of the APP) crashes. I applied for the team lead slot but the 30 year veteran Boieng manager wanted one of her cronies as the team lead. Did I mention he had no clue at all about the software... the server cluster I had built for supporting the shop floor... the clusters for 6 test environments and the 3 training clusters????>:(

She REALLLY wanted to make me an FTE but as just the minion doing all the work and at a lot less money than I was making as a contractor... and they were requiring the FTE's to work at least 25% overtime . The overtime for the FTE was their regular pay +$6 an hour unlike those of us who were contractors who were being paid time and a half for those 80 to 90 hour weeks.

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I tried...;)

Just trying to let someone know some of the reasons that Boeing has as many labor issues as they do.

There is a HUGE void between management and the people doing the work.

Mandatory overtime on the 787 project will be a given... since they are backed up with so many orders extending out over several years.
If you dig 60 to 80 hour work weeks.... go for it.

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They are opening a new plant in Charleston, SC and I am looking for some inside help...


I was a mechanical design engineer with them for 8 years, '87 to '95. B1-B avionics test equipment and then 777 flight deck design.

What do you have to offer them - what type of job are you figuring? That will be a big part of determining the advice.
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