Best place/way to mark rig

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Few skydivers are thieves.

The rare skydiver/thief soon finds himself banned from his home DZ and subtle, sarcastic phone calls make him un-welcome at neighboring DZs.

More than half of stolen parachutes land in dumpsters because the low-life, trailer-trash, whuffos who steal them don't know how to fence it.

You have to be pretty dumb or desperate to steal things you don't know how to fence!

For example - a few years ago - a thief broke into a hangar in Pitt Meadows and stole a half-dozen used rigs. When he tried to sell some of them to a retired skydiver, who was also a member of "a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who prefer not to be mentioned in public" most of the rigs were returned the following day with no questions asked.

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Hi all you fellow nuts :)

What's the best way and place to mark a rig? I have a mirage, and talked to mirage co. about a ring cover with name stitched on. I hate to replace the cool logos on the ring covers, though :(

I know it can still be stolen and removed, but it'd make me feel better at a busy DZ that my rig has a name on it.

I have the reserve card marked, but I'd still like something on the actually container somewhere visible.

Thanks for ideas.

I only read your post, not the reast of the thread - so, this idea may have already been mentioned.

If I were you, I would have my name or nick name stitched on either your cutaway or reserve handle.
Dialogue/commentary between Divot, Twardo & myself -

"from your first Oshkosh when the three of us were riding to or from one of

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