Vector II Good or Bad

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Ummm, good or bad in what respect? Is there any reason that you're specifically looking for the Vector II? The VectorII was a good rig in it's day and if you're going to stay on your belly (eg. no freeflying) then it's a good rig. The biggest problem is that it has a lot of velcro which is not as secure as tuck-flaps. It would be best to talk to your instructor about it. I wouldn't hesitate to use a VectorII as a student rig.

But unless money is a huge issue, then look at the VectorIII, Javelin, Mirage...
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I was told that VectorII is not FreeFly friendly.

The Vector II is not as freefly friendly as most modern rigs, but well maintained and with a few very minor mods it will do the job.

They really aren't worth much though - a Vector II, regardless of the condition it's in, is worth a couple hundred dollars MAX.


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