What the hell? Here's an interesting one...

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Haven't seen this video before...

Check it out & post back what you see.


Despite the bad narrating & unlucky opening on his xbraced whatever... he's obviously had some heavy problems clearing the cutaway cable from the left riser & is having to use considerable force to clear it while his reserve handle is floating around as well as all sorts of cable housing!

He clears his left cutaway cable & the main still hasn't released!? You can see frame by frame that the cable has been cleared from the loop that passes through the rings.. He disconnects his RSL (due to his violent spin I assume) which doesn't seem to play a part in the cause of the hang up as the main still doesn't release...

It looks as though he has to take some weight off the 3 rings for them to release & deploy his reserve a little over 500ft!

Is this clearly a gear malfunction? Looks cooked to me! Glad he dealt with it & walked away.

Get back to me on this one... Would love to hear your thoughts


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The following article says the guy stated someone had hooked his gear up wrong and that he didn't catch it on his gear check.


My guess is that the white string may have passed through both the small and medium rings. That would explain why there was excess pressure on the cutaway cable. If the string was trapped between the middle ring and the webbing after the cable was released this would also prevent the small ring from falling forward and releasing as designed. Relieving pressure on the release system, by pulling on the riser, allowed the string the slip out. Glad everything worked out for him.

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The riser hangup was caused by incorrect rigging.

The left 3 ring loop was routed through both rings on the riser before passing through the grommet, causing the loop to be trapped between the webbing on the small loop and under the ring of the large ring.

Short story: jumper almost went in because he didn't properly check his gear.

Was discussed a while back...


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