Weirdest place you've misplaced your cell phone.

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I'm starting to feel a lot better about where I've lost my cell phone now. :D

Valinda one time lost her's at a Rancid show in Seattle. Three nights later we were at the same venue for the Dropkick Murphys. There her phone was, right in the Lost and Found. Gotta love those rockers. :)

My roommate dropped her cell phone at some viewpoint in Bryce Canyon National Park. It was a really nice, brand new smartphone (don't recall if it was a blackberry or iPhone, but regardless, nice and pricey).

She realized it a bit later, and panicked because by that point it could be at one of about fifteen places we'd stopped, and we had no time to go back and look.

We went over to the lodge, and I told her to call the visitor center to see if someone had turned it in. She was pretty sure that electronics like that would probably end up in someone's pocket rather than turned in, but made the call (primarily to get me to shut up about it, I think).

Sure enough, the visitor center had it and she was spared the $50 insurance co-pay on a new phone, and the annoyance that goes with it. She'd dropped it at Rainbow Point, which is at the opposite end of the park, at the very end of the road.

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