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I need help - how do I avoid a duplicate post error on Craigslist?! [:/] I'm trying to post a lot of antique furniture for my friend, who has an upholstery business. He has a TON of it, & a lot of it is considerably expensive - so there is a potential for me to make quite a lot of money here. Problem is, a lot of the stuff is similar, so the titles are the same - and he told me to put the same description for everything, & to have potential buyers call him. I tried using different titles, but that hasn't worked - & I don't know much about the furniture itself - so not sure how to change up the descriptiopn. As it stands, craigslist wont let me make more than one post - and is therefore between me & my money. >:([:/]
Dialogue/commentary between Divot, Twardo & myself -

"from your first Oshkosh when the three of us were riding to or from one of

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