Lightning Photography

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Nice photo, Care to share some details, like
camera, lens, speed, F stop, iso.

I tried to take photos of lightning but my camera dosen't have
a cable release, so even when mounted on a tripod I get a little vibration
when releasing the shutter.

Rebel XTi with the kit lens (!!) :D

ISO 100
13.0 sec
tripod, hand released shutter

Caught this with the 16th take. Got some others with single bolts and smaller activity. :)

that is a good camera, but a camera is only as good as the lens. i would budget and get a decent lens.

i took all these photos with a rebel xti

Eh, not really, it's an entry level SLR. A $2,000 lens on a Rebel is not going to perform as well as the same lens on a professional body,

I'll be upgrading to the 5D very soon.

it is true that it is the cheapest slr you can use for high end photography.

a $2000 dollar lens will still make a huge difference. the only difference is that the sensor in a xti is not a full sized 35mm sensor.

so unless you are going to be printing poster size prints (which usually is not the case), you can pretty much use an xti for anything you need.

I've shot plenty with very nice glass on my Rebel so I know what you mean, however, using the same glass on a professional grade body will let you get the most out of the lens. Don't get me wrong, the Rebel is a good camera, it's just not professional quality.

One of my favorite lenses is the 85mm 1.2... yum. I shoot with that a lot for weddings.

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Very nice photo, I like how one can see the storm cell as an actual cell and not just as an overcast sky.

Doing some storm chasing myself I've gotten a few lightning shots, though the attached ones were shot here in Cape Town, where there are between 3-5 thunderstorms a year. So pretty hard to get good shots.

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