I remember being 17 years old.

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people over react, blowing things WAAY out of proportion,
and shes capitalizing off said stupidity, she knows that the video will spark huge controversy, and that will boost sales, just like most pop artists and their asinine antics.
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To me it looks like she is trying to compete with the big kids in music and break free of the Hannah Montana stereo type image. If this was any other 17 yr old pop star this would not be an issue. Because it is Mylie Cyrus aka Hannah Montana it stands out and people are going to voice their opinions that it is too sexy for a 17yr old..
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Its not bad, as long as you watch it on mute.

That made it much better, thanks.B|

And I thought she was some Country and Western singer.:D More like club mix queen.

Is it sexy? Sure, not bad, she's got great legs. Is it too sexy? No, pretty tame compared to much else I've seen. Would I want my 17 y.o. daughter making the same video? Probably not. :D

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