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Oh look, brown sewer trout!

Or the red headed cotton fish!

Even the latex based jelly fish, it has a sting that kills.


Nope.. not even going close... Those are the things you can see... its the little things you can't see that skeer me ( the little things that have killed many millions) that you find in "that" waterB|B|

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I am not sure how to combine scuba with urban explore but I have done many urban outings for photography and if you do a flickr search for urban, or graffitti or photo groups in your area you will find others that explore and that could lead you to an area exploers forum that shows many areas around you.
Be aware that urban buildings are often safer to explore then urban houses, crack heads like to cook and live in abonded houses and homeless tend to live in the buildings. safety in numbers for you and always have a plan for a quick exit!!!

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UX is just the art of going places people normally don't go or aren't supposed to go.
Doesn't have to be sewers. You could combine SCUBA with diving a quarry but its a good way to get dead... major deep water, cranes and cables and god knows what abandoned under the surface, entanglement structures galore, frequent zero visibility, underwater rockfall hazard off the walls,

As a kid I prowled railroad structures, abandoned buildings, storm drains, several cranes and quarries, crossed a river via the structures under a major bridge...

Suggested gear selection:
Really badass steel toe boots-you have no idea what you'll be stepping on or climbing
Heavy leather/denim jacket for protection/gear storage

At least 3 different light sources. Preferably more. If exploring drains, up that to 4 or 5 plus spare batteries on you somewhere for at least one or two. The idea is to make absolutely certain you are never without light. It'd really suck to be 3/4 mile in a storm drain 60 feet under some street and have your last light go out. I once lost one in a bottomless vertical drainpipe, and had two others fail. The last maglight got me out. I thought it was overkill carrying 4 lights along with all the other junk in my pockets. It wasn't.

Rope is optional but can and has come in handy. 30-50 feet of something that'll hold your weight in a pinch.
Mechanics gloves
Latex gloves
Bail money. You're probably trespassing. Even if the object you're exploring appears long deserted there is certain to be a rule somewhere against exploring it. Count on it.
Some such objects may be under startlingly high maintenance surveillance. Exploring quarries and such as a kid I repeatedly set off infrared detectors and provoked aggressive reactions from security people before I learned of their existence. Fortunately I was a pretty good junior ninja. I was seldom seen and always escaped except once, and the cops let me go anyway. They just wanted me to get the hell out of the storm drain. Apparently spotting a 12 year old kid through the grate at their feet happily travelling manhole-to-manhole alarmed them somewhat. Can't imagine why.
Live and learn... or die, and teach by example.

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