Proxy flying video done with r/c plane

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So since you are pretty good with R/C (from what I hear) how were they able to transmit the video feed from the plane remotely, or were did they just mount something like a gopro to the bottom...but in any case theres no way that they could guide this by sight. So how did they control it like this?

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No RTF kits? [:/]

(on a side note, there might be a strong possibility that those type of accessories for "Unmaned Aircraft Systems" might not be considered legal by the FAA soon. It might be just line of sight and no GPS)

The R/C plane club I belong to has already been asked by Homeland Security to report anyone doing stuff that allows controlled flight beyond the "normal" range of an R/C model.

Some 20 years ago I consulted for company making target drones for the Army. The technology to make a drone was available off the shelf (at a price) then, and is trivially easy to obtain now.

The only sure way to survive a canopy collision is not to have one.

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