MoodySkydiver's dad emergency fund

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Meso gave me permission to post this info for anyone who wants to help out:

An emergency fund has been set up at City National Bank in Corsicana to help the family with expenses. Amber's dad, Tim, is in a trauma hospital that is several hours from their home, and she and her family are staying in a hotel there to be near him, which, while modest, adds up and is getting very expensive, but the cost of gas and the time to drive makes that impractical as well. While most of the medical costs are taken care of by insurance, there are a lot of expenses involved in having a close family member who is seriously injured and hospitalized so far from home (not to mention the loss of income involved from both Amber's dad, and her mom, who's had do take time off to deal with everything).

If you would like to donate to this fund, make a check out to "Gail Barlow" (Amber's Mom) and note that it is for the "Tim Barlow Fund" and send it to the attention of "Ruthie" (Ruthie is the bookkeeper) at:

City National Bank of Corsicana,
1465 W. 2nd Avenue,
Corsicana, Texas 75110.
Attn: Ruthie, Bookkeeping

If you want to send money via wire transfer, call Ruthie at the bank at 903-872-8336 for the routing info.

Any help anyone may provide will be truly appreciated.

If you want to send a card to the family, he's at:

East Texas Medical Center
1000 S. Beckham
Tyler, TX, 7570
Attn: Tim Barlow, patient

I know a lot of you are on Amber's Facebook, but for the rest, here are some updates from Amber on how her dad is doing, and how they're getting by, in chronological order:

Dad still basically the same today. they put in the trach this morning. theyre going to put in a chest tube to remove fluid from his chest cavity today or tomorrow and prob put in the feeding tube either over the weekend or early next week.
Dad update: he was pretty sedated today after his 2 procedures (trach and chest tube). Thankfully these make him more comfortable, reduce complications and will help transition him off ventilator and breath independently in the future. Hes still on ventilator but he is breathing on his own. the vent is just providing slight pressure so he can fill his lungs fully (like a cpap machine does for sleep apenea) so thats good. hes moving his right side a good bit but its still reflexive. we're trying to stay positive.
feeling real tired and just emotionally drained. for the past week our lives have been put on hold and now everything revolves around visitation hours, doctor consultations and medical tests/stats. he is completely off ventilator and breathing independently. hes off insulin drip. the chest tube is really helping. hes scheduled for his feeding tube tuesday and most importantly he IS DEFINITELY responding cognitively to multiple commands from nurses and us!! its slightly delayed but he IS doing it.
Dad update: he was pretty tired today and didnt respond much. doc said feeding tube scheduled for tomorrow and chest tube might come out in a few days. Stressed. moms out of PTO.

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