Congrats livendive and thestepchild

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Its about time congrats! Love Rosie

. Although rosie is notorious for posting this bs multiple times before I can actually validate the post. Pics to follow, but we were honored to be there for the proposal.....and it was MAGNIFICENT! Congrats erin and dave....we love you both.:)
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I have a strong regard for the rules.......doc!

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It was awesome to be a part of it, *other than dining and dashing - cant believe I forgot to pay my bill - think I have oldtimers disease or sumpin :P, thank you for getting it, will pay you and doc back very soon!

btw for our listening audience.... Dave mighta or mighta not dropped a tear during the proposal *(coulda been sweat) - that big lug! B|

and Errin... talk about happy... wow!


They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.

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Thanks for the birthday wishes, much appreciated...and for everyone else, Rosie actually speaks the truth for a change. :D


Hi L&D

Rosie is a very dear friend of mine, he helped me out of a tough situation in LP. A few yr back.

Congrats to you and the new King of your castle;)

Whats face book:|

One Jump Wonder

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