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The peeing wilderness thread Just made me think:o I have been Hillwalking and occasional climbing for 31 years Jesus where does time go when your having fun. Nothing like open wilderness and not a sole for about 20 miles unless its a crofter (small farmer).

I remember the first organized trip i went on with teachers at school One of the group developed toothache:o it was 6-8 hours walk to the nearest road and a car lift to the nearest dentist 40 miles away and we sat in the remoteness waiting on the guy coming back. The clown who wanted to wear his own boots (unbroken in) after a day his feet where blistered and his pack had to be split down between the rest of us :D we where not happy>:(.

Since that time i have spent a lot of time in the hills mostly by myself or having to lead others. As leader reading maps using a compass in hill fog or low cloud depending on how high the mountain was :D:D you decided. To having to take control of a group or two when it became obvious the person in charge hadn't done their home work :| leading them out safely. Dropping back to keep and encourage the slowest person and keep their flagging spirits up. Never needed to call out Mountain rescue people and hope i never do. Have informed the mountain rescue or rangers when i have had to give advice to people either in a not equipped or over burdened for what they had planned,making sure they where aware of the people i have met. One of the funniest moments That maid me laugh i had just climbed up a steep gorge and was on my way back when i bumped into 2 mountain rangers taking their search and rescue Dog for training. One asked "do you now where you are going" I just replied "No do you" then burst out laughing :D:D:D #

I only have my teachers to thank for the eye opening sights and experiences i have hadB|. Seen disspare, fear and exhaustion in others, with some really surprises from people who you would not suspect of being able to step up to the plate and do what needs doing in difficult situations. Sadly i haven't photographed them all as that fun came later but will close by putting in some of the places i have been.





A friend

sunrise early up hear


A end of a day




hope you enjoy just be careful do your homework and plan for your trip . Don't now about the states but in the UK mountain rescue are volunteers who put their lives at risk to save others and i get pissed when i see people. Who are not dressed properly properly equipped who venture out to the mountains where the weather here changes on a heart, beat be safe and enjoy :)
yeh i will shut the F*^K up now :ph34r::D:D

Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun

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Beautiful pictures! I'm envious that you get to go hill walking, I would love to do that. The highest point in FL is 345 feet and it's not even close by. [:/]
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because she will lay some keepdown on you faster than, well, really fast. ~Billvon

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Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
We have some decent mountains not too far from here but nothing like that.

i wouldn't say that many things are stunning out there and i have seen some pictures of the places in the states that well get me dribbling with envy,really:):D:D

Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun

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