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I've been thinking about buying another dytter to put in my Z-1. I have a skytronic dytter, but somehow it is getting turned off at times. I think my big ears may be doing this when I put my helmet on. So, I'd like to maybe get another dytter for back up. I'm not too familiar with this style of audible, but the price looks good. (I'm a cheap- skate at heart.)

So my questions are....how reliable is this dytter? And will it fit into an old style Z-1. Remember now, I have a fat head and big ears...also how much do they sell for new? Thanks for the advice..... Steve1

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The Time-out I have is an older model, and it is very thick. The one before that is thinner and smaller, and the current (if they still make em) model I don't really know. But if you need a thin dytter and want to buy new, maybe get a pro-dytter cause the price has dropped since L&B anounced their new products.

ciel bleu,

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Hi there,
I currently have eight new Time Out's in stock.
You can have one for $50 Aussie doillars $35 USD
Really small in size compared to the first edition.

I must have purchased the last remaining Time-Out's before Colin folded Time Out technologies.
Unfortunately for me, Colin wouldn't refund my money when they started going off beside the plane.

You may get a good one out of the batch. No guarentee's.

To the moderator's. This isn't a advertisement. It is just to inform the skydiving public that they shouldn't purchase any of the above companies products as they will screw you over like I have been.


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