Crane Collapses at National Cathedral

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I had a crane collapse near me about 20 seconds after I unhooked it from the last truss I was placing.

It was a telescoping crane that collapsed in on itself. Sounded like a freight train and scared the shit out of me, not literally, but scared the shit out of the operator, literally. He got out of the crane and wobbled over to the porto-potty as soon as he could compose himself.[:/]

The ball of the crane punched a perfect 6" hole directly through the bed of the crane itself.

I'm glad it happened after it swung away from me because I was tied off to an I-beam, over a stairwell with no stairs in and about 50' drop to the concrete basement floor. Really nowhere to go.

Glad I'm not in construction anymore. I've seen too many people fucked up by machines.;)

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