Do you get a flu shot?

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The selection process is only as good as the information received. Fact is, most people, when sick from the flu, stay home and don't go to the doctor. That conflicts with their data collection, therefore offsetting the results. Simplified, it's a blind guess as an end result, although there's much effort made to make it an educated guess.


(God damm Aussies)

:DYeah! SQUEAK! :D:P

People blow things out of proportion consistently. News media improve ratings with stories that enduce fear, anxiety, etc. so you get things like H1N1 pandemic risk! when it's really just a strong strain of the flu. The year they were passing out H1N1 vaccines was one of the few years I was able to duck getting my flu shot. They actually gave out 2 that year. The regular one and the H1N1 shot.
Some people refrain from beating a dead horse. Personally, I find a myriad of entertainment value when beating it until it becomes a horse-smoothie.

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