Skydiving with kids

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this thread title caught my eye since i am and was an active jumper when my kids were born....

The first part of the thread is Excellent....a dedicated Dad who Loves his kids, as well as a man who IS a skydiver, sacrificing , at the request of the spouse...

as i checked the profile for flashpipe , i grinned as i KNOW the Guy to be an Honorable Person,,,in fact had bumped into him in a Hospital Lobby, on the day one of His children was born !!! His pride, was Great as was his Enthusiasm :)
His words in the earlier posts showed the character that i would have expected and The advice and experiences shared by others here,, have made for a useful and responsible set of answers, to the original question....

Upon reading the more recent posts, I was moved , upon learning of the current circumstances, and was saddened...

well You STAY the bigger person here, flashpipe,,, knowing you have treaded the proper course, and have given as necessary . Well done...
Now time marches on....
you certainly Must KNOW that the network of solid friendships, created and made to grow, in the air, in the plane and in the various hangars where-in all of us have invested so much of our lives,, will now come through in the form of continuing support, for you and the children...
I must admit that i have not met the mother of these kids,, and so in support of you, can only say....
"her, HER " !!!!....
May all go well for YOU...moving forward


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JimmyT! Thanks for the kind words and thoughts. The support of my family and friends through all of this has amazed me and made me realize that life will go on, things will get better, and I've got LOTS of amazing people around me.

Looking forward to getting back in the air and jumping with all you guys again!


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I gave up the sport for many years when my kids were young. Not so much as a result of kids or marriage, but because raising kids is hard work. And, standing next to the "Stupid" is not smart when there's kids counting on you.

Now the kids are older and I'm back skyjumpen like a fool. :$ There's no disgrace in prioritizing your life. Just remember that no life decision needs to be permanent. At some point you'll get your life back. The big question will be, do you want it back??

Birdshit & Fools Productions

"Son, only two things fall from the sky."

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Holy crap! Well, welcome back. Sorry you hooked up with the wrong woman. :S

I know a couple of other guys who've been through about the same situation. Good luck to you.

Hey, all you single guys out there? If she wants to make you quit jumping, RUN LIKE HELL!:S:D

I always make it VERY clear that i wont give skydiving up for the world. so as long as they understand that things will be ok. Im single now so i dont have to worry about it.
Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, all used up, and loudly proclaiming: Wow, what a ride!

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Wow great thread....I didn't know it was 2 years old till your update. Initially I disagreed with your choice to put off jumping due to your wife's "panic attacks"; honestly I think things are working out best for you.

I have only jumped for a little while, in fact my first jump; a tandem, was made along with my oldest daughter (she was 18). I got licensed 3 months later; my daughter got her A about 6 months after me. Regardless, my wife hated skydiving and a little after a year of jumping my wife filed for divorce, she even had me served at the DZ while I was training tandems!

Luckily, I refused to move out, and finally won her back. Now she is ready to do a tandem next week (I get to do video!) and we are taking my youngest to Lodi at the end of January to do her first jump; she turns 16 Jan 31!

Sorry for your loss, but you will be happier if she was that controlling...

EDIT: to be fair I have not downsized since jump 71 so I guess I have made my own concessions cuz of my family....that and I am old enuff to know I am going to die sooner or later!
"Tell ya the truth, I don't think this is a brains kind of operation."

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I was skydiving from 76 to 83, just before my first kid was born. Gave it up until October 2006. I did it because I wanted to focus on family, not saying that those who don't give it are not. It's just that I know myself and being able to come out only on occasion to make 4 or 5 jumps just did not appeal to me. I've made just over 700 skydives since coming back. I'm beginning to think I may be addicted.

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Just curious jimmy~ did you stop/slow your jumping when your kids were born?

I did not stop...
but certainly DID slow down...
There were a few local dzs within an hour and a half drive, some within 30 minutes, and i always felt welcome at all of them. I LIKED the people with whom i jumped and i would have missed them if i quit...
Plus... who was I to deny all those drop zone friends, the pleasure of having ME around !!!!?????:);):)
It took me 12 years to fill a 150 jump log book.. between 1983 when our daughter was born and 1995 when our son turned 10...

I always tried to get to the few social events and or party weekends and make a jump or two, and continued to support a local Annual DC 3 Boogie..... But i sure was Not a "frequent faller" ,,,
Never went any one of those years without making at least a half a dozen jumps...
Getting to the DZ did not detract from time spent with my kids.. since i WAS around most of the time..
But their Mom was understanding and that kept the Dad happy, and that makes for a good husband and father!!!!
I had a bit over 1,300 jumps when My first child was born,,,, so i was pretty solid into the sport by then.
around '95 i bought a sony camcorder...B| To take videos OF THE KIDS!!!!hahahah;)

That was the deal for about 6 months,,,, after which i figured out how mount it to a helmet, and started taking it skydiving with me..B|:)That had the effect of rejuvenating my enthusiasm for jumping and helped to offset some of the cost... That time frame also coincided with the arrival of turbine aircraft At one of the DZs,,, on a regular basis...:oB|:) and so My pace returned to the annual numbers i had logged,, earlier on in my jumping days...
I continue to plod along today.. but would rather make a few MORE jumps each year,,, than i seem to manage..

The Kids are grown now,, have been to the DZ many many times, though they were never regulars...
and have each made a tandem during which we flew together....
Those were a couple of jumps which really filled with Pride,,,,, "" The Pater Familius!""

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