Photo contest raises money for disabled children

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Hello all,

I would really appreciate it if you guys (and gals:) voted for my entry, or any entry for that matter in this photo contest, benefiting "The Gift from Heart Foundation - an organization, here in Chicago helping disabled children from around the world. Here is the my entry:

https://apps.facebook.com/offerpop/Contest.psp?c=54501&u=13809&a=218140784873215&p=162344937127989&rest=0&v=View (Edit: the direct link doesn't seem to be working. I'm the third row down, first picture - "Rafal, Chicago"). But again, you can vote for any entry you'd like, as what we're really trying to do is raise awareness about the Gift from the Heart Foundation, to more people. Also, if you click 'like' on Facebook and spread the word to your friends I'd greatly appreciate it.

Here is the Foundation's website: http://www.darserca.org/

Basically, the organization helps disabled children from around the world, by helping them come to the United States to receive medical treatment/surgery. They are also very involved in the community by running various programs in the community, such as after school programs. A lot of the kids get their care at Shriners Hospital, which is a not-for-profit hospital also, but in many cases that Shriners does not specialize in other hospitals are involved as well. A note summing 2011, and what is ahead in 2012 can be found here: http://www.darserca.org/index.php/2012/01/06/a-good-year/

I mysef am disabled, as most of you know, and I would not be doing the things I am today if it wasn't for the care I have recieved. Anything you can spare is greatly appreciated and it goes a long way; it all counts. Doesn't matter if it's so much as $1.00. Everything helps. This photo contest ends tonight, at midnight, central standard time. Thank you in advance!! :)
Dialogue/commentary between Divot, Twardo & myself -

"from your first Oshkosh when the three of us were riding to or from one of

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