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So with at least three threads on DZ.com and a whole bunch of posts on facebook, I figure everybody has seen the whole Taft skydiving sex "scandal". There seems to be a lot of different reactions to the idea of having sex while skydiving. So I'm just curious.... Would you have sex while skydiving? Or better yet, have you? ;) & just to be clear I don't mean make your own soft core skydiving themed porn for distribution, just having sex while skydiving. (of course you know, if it's not on video it didn't happen :D)

I know for me, it's definitely on the must do list.:)

...with at least two audibles though ;):D

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Having finally seen the uncut clip, I can say with certainty that there was nothing unsafe about this dive. From the pilot who was clearly doing what he was supposed to with minimal distraction, to the altitude awareness of the TI. Without question, this is the fantasy of 95% who go through the door.

Congrats to those involved! Instant legend!

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Other than the "I've had sex in freefall" trophy on the mantle, I'm not sure why. It can't be all that sexy, in the I will have a big O kind of way.

Oh, and then there is the "My Youthful Indiscretions, but Holy Crap, I'TS out there on the internet forever, kinda way" :$

Tell that to the kids :P

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Probably not a good idea if he's supposed to pull and not pull out.

Even on a tandem. let alone if the participants each have a parachute of their own, it is probably a better idea to pull out when you are pulling.

OMG - multitasking. Is the male brain really capable of it? :)

"Whoever in discussion adduces authority uses not intellect but memory." - Leonardo da Vinci
A thousand words...

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from the female side it would be easy, little lube nd good to go.
The males might need a fair bit more encouragment.
If all things in working order before i left the plane and I was actually a TM and the right woman and and and and...

It will never happen:ph34r::ph34r:

You are not now, nor will you ever be, good enough to not die in this sport (Sparky)
My Life ROCKS!
How's yours doing?

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...with at least two audibles though

One audible to go off at 6500, second at 5000, third at 3500. Audibles airgasm activated of course!

Lets see how you perform now!

Or will the audibles not go off and you go in??

Stay Safe - Have Fun - Good Luck

The above could be crap, thought provoking, useful, or . . But not personal. You decide.

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That was such a stupid video. :ph34r:

And, no, I don't want to have sex in freefall, it doesn't last long enough!

She is Da Man, and you better not mess with Da Man,
because she will lay some keepdown on you faster than, well, really fast. ~Billvon

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I jump out at Taft and wasn't there during this skydive. Here is the local news info: regarding the interview with the tandem student after the dive.
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Related To Story

Woman In Skydiving Sex Tape Speaks Out

23ABC Speaks Exclusively To Hope Howell

Cris Ornelas - 23ABC South County Reporter
POSTED: 5:26 pm PDT October 14, 2011
UPDATED: 6:24 pm PDT October 14, 2011

TAFT, Calif. -- In a stunt that has grabbed international headlines, two people who skydived over Taft while having sex, then videotaped it and put it on the Internet.
23ABC’s South County reporter, Cris Ornelas, had an exclusive interview Friday with the woman on the tape, Hope Howell.
Howell said she has no regrets about the tape. She said some things that have been reported about the stunt just aren’t true.

The video was shot high above Taft as 34-year-old Alex Torres and Howell, 20, had sex while in free fall.
Friday 23ABC spoke to Howell.
“It was crazy. It was fun,” Howell said.
Howell said she wants to tell her side of the story about the tape. She said it’s something they decided to do on a slow day at Skydive Taft.
“My adrenaline was rushing. I was so excited. I was pumped. I was ready for it to be edited,” Howell said.
Torres and Howell hoped to grab the eye of national shock jock Howard Stern. Howell said she spoke to "The Howard Stern Show" on Friday.
“I am happy I did it. I wouldn't change it for the world, and it did get the attention of Howard Stern -- our whole goal in general,” Howell said.
The owner of the company, David Chrouch, said he wasn’t there when the stunt happened and didn’t know what was being planned. Howell said that’s a complete lie.
“Our boss was there. Everything was approved. We did plan it out,” Howell said.
There has also been confusion about whether or not she was fired from her receptionist job at Skydive Taft. She said call it whatever you want, she is not working there anymore.
“I got a phone call saying I was fired, and I feel like that was a stab in my back,” Howell said.
Some have said the sex on the tape is faked, but Howell insists it’s real. She said no one on the tape is drunk or high. Howell also said this was only her fourth jump ever.
“Knowing that you are doing something wild and crazy makes it so much better,” Howell said.
The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the stunt. Investigators said there is no regulation banning sex on a plane. But an FAA spokesman said if the pilot allows any activity that could be a distraction, he could be in trouble. Howell said everything was safe.
“(I) never touched him. He is an amazing pilot. He is a great jump pilot. It’s not his first rodeo,” Howell said.
Howell is a Taft native and said the reaction to the tape has taught her who her real friends are.
“I could have took it as, ‘Oh my god, I’m the victim here,’ but no. I owned up to what I did and how I went about it,” Howell said.
Howell said she has done more than a dozen adult films so far and hopes the publicity from this tape will help her career.
So 23ABC asked what she is planning next.
“Something better than sex and skydiving,” Howell said.
She said people who think what they did is wrong are just prudes.
“Anyone else that has anything bad to say, that’s them. They can take that to their grave, and I am going to take sex and skydiving all the way to my grave,” Howell said.
The FAA said it has assigned an inspector to the case, but it doesn’t know how long the investigation will take.
Do you have more information about this story? Contact us

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