scared with my experience?

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ok, so i did my tandem last year...as soon as i landed i knew this is it... so not waiting even one day i started my training!

since then, i did more than 5000 jumps, bellyflying, freeflying, wingsuit, dealt with hundreds of malfunctions, landed normal patterns and awesome swoops on and off LZ, base jumping from buildings, towers, mountains with the best... and that’s only on youtube not counting my vimeo experiance, few books by some noob brian germain ahhh and all the knowledge from dz.com

as you can see im pretty much a pro now….right? ;)
so why am i worrying out about some basic pff im starting on saturday? [:/] HUA! can’t wait to really learn how to fall.
ohhh have to remember to get my gopro ready

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