The Greatest Guitar Solo Of All Time.

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Got to see Richard live in Tampa last October, first time I had ever seen him - amazing stuff

Never saw any of them live. Bet that was a good show. I'll have to start paying attention again to who's coming to the area to perform. Here's a little electric RT. :)
This RT song sung by Denny (and Denny's "Listen, Listen") are the songs that hooked me.

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Not that it compares to some of the great stuff posted in here but I just had no idea....

I have been listening to Prince's main stuff for 20+ years (Purple Rain, Raspberry Beret, Doves, etc....)

This just blew my mind, never heard anything of the likes from him before. I have a new-found respect for the "artist".

This was one of many when searching for Prince's blues stuff.

"Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way." - Alan Watts

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Mine 50 øre:

Best slowest solo of all times made by pink floyd in the song dogs. Starting about at 3:33 building untill 6:47(not totaly solo but still priceless, genius)


Best fastest solo of all times made by NOFX in the intro of the song "seeing double at the triple rock". As the most solos of El Hefe after he stopped getting wasted:


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Agreed, SRV is a monster!

One of my favorite SRV tunes, Lenny, this song too has everything. Oh ya and you'll need another 9 minutes to kill...


I saw Ronnie Earl in a small club just by chance and I've been moved ever since. This is a Freddie King cover "The Stumble". Not much live video of Ronnie Earl online but if youre ever in the New England area check him out you wont be disappointed.



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