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What kind of stuff are you interested in? Museums? Art? History? Outdoor activities? Wine? All of the above?

My brother visited me last year and spent his entire week geeking out on military history (Fort Point, Fort Funston, Fort Mason, the Presidio, USS Pampanito sub, the USS Hornet carrier, etc.)

My folks are more into cultural stuff, so we've done shows, art museums (SF Moma is great, as is the DeYoung museum in Golden Gate Park), and lots of wine tasting - Napa/Sonoma areas are more upscale and developed, Livermore is a bit more low-key if that's what you like.

If you'll have a car and want to geek out on aviation stuff, there's a few options within a reasonable drive (small air museums - at Oakland airport and the Hiller Air museum, and a huge one near Merced called the Castle Air Museum).

Of the "tourist stuff" that's can't-miss, I'd say definitely go to the Golden Gate Bridge - plan enough time to walk at least partway out onto the bridge. Alcatraz is also a big highlight - but you will want to plan ahead for that, as those tours consistently sell out. If you want to do it, I would recommend reserving tickets now online. http://www.alcatrazcruises.com/

One more thing - be prepared for it to be a LOT colder than you think it will be. Always have a jacket with you - San Francisco in the summer can be VERY chilly, and it can vary from hour to hour. Even if it's warmish during the day, the temp will drop when the sun goes down, so jackets & sweaters and long pants will be necessary.
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Totally agree with everything said... If you will be in the east bay you can drive to the top of Mt Diablo for a nice view. If you like garlic, check out the stinking rose in SF. If you like hiking, North bay is good, so is south bay (Santa cruz mts, check out big basin, or if more time Big Sur). If in downtown sf pier 39 is fun, also plenty of great bars and hang out spots around town. Do you like beer? Hard Stuff? If you like beer there are a couple places you shouldnt miss, likewise for hard stuff. SF has a bar with the largest collection of tequila outside of mexico (I loved Casa Noble) there is also a giant rum place but I haven't been. Tons of breweries around, If you love beer, Lagunitas is in the North bay, and so is Russian River (a must....). Toronado in the city has TONS of great beers, stuff you won't find anywhere else. Hate Ashburry is a fun place to walk around and check out nick nack shops (and head shops).
Just depends on what you wanna do. Anyways, have a good time!

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US Restaurant in North Beach, good Italian food at reasonable prices. Vesuvio in North Beach is a good place to grab a beer. Lots of historic Beat Generation stuff on the walls.


US Restaurant is on Columbus (500 block?) in NB. In (or used to be in) one of those slice of a corner buildings.

"Once we got to the point where twenty/something's needed a place on the corner that changed the oil in their cars we were doomed . . ."

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Some food joints I can recommend:

Q's Restaurant http://www.qrestaurant.com/
Great tasty recipes, love that place.

Eric's Restaurant http://www.yelp.com/biz/erics-restaurant-san-francisco
Good Chinese in Noe Valley. Bunch of shopping on 24th St. (between Castro and Dolores), right down the street from Eric's.

Lisa's Mexican Resturant http://www.yelp.com/biz/lisas-mexican-restaurant-daly-city-2
Mom and pop shop, good friendly service. It's about a 10 minute drive from SF via the streets. The enchiladas or chimichangas plates are great, so are their nacho appetizer plate. Not fancy, but decorative and cozy that usually has a harp player playing while you eat.

Ghirardellis http://www.ghirardelli.com/locations-events/ghirardelli-locations/northpoint-caffe-san-francisco-ca
Located in the Fishermans Wharf. Good ice cream sundays. If you're hanging around Pier 39 or the Wharf area and can enjoy some sweets, have a go with them.

Woodhouse Fish Co. http://www.woodhousefish.com/WFC%20Market%20Menu%202010.pdf
Good seafood if you find yourself downtown on Market St.


Anchor Brewery http://www.anchorbrewing.com/
Local Brewery. No food, but they have an awesome tour about its history and you'll walk away with a buzzB|. Call way ahead for reservations!

Speakeasy Ales and Lagers http://www.yelp.com/biz/speakeasy-ales-and-lagers-san-francisco
Local brewery. No food, $3 beers! Music and bands.

Hemlock Tavern http://hemlocktavern.com/prog_guide.php
The only bar I go to because of the music, rock, punk, indie. Bands playing, vinyl spinning. Not a shithole either. The crowd 20s-40s.


Some others posted some good ones for hiking outside SF.

If you want to see the redwoods without a big commute, there's Muir Woods http://www.nps.gov/muwo/index.htm. Half hour or so north of the city. A bit touristy, but pretty as the redwoods get. You can drive around the Marin Headlands for some good views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city too while in the area. Stintson Beach is right around the corner, you can watch the paragliders and hand gliders launch off of Mt. Tam and land on the beach.

Lands End http://parksconservancy.org/visit/park-sites/lands-end.html
Located in the northwest part of town by Ocean Beach. There's a nice coastal trail there, you can detour from the trail to Miles Beach for a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Not too many tourists hike the trail and it feels like you're not even in a city for a moment. Really peaceful.

Movie night Dolores Park http://www.doloresparkworks.org/2012/05/film-night-2012-ready-bring-movies-dolores/
They're playing 16 Candles (if youre into that movie) Aug. 4th. Free, nice view of downtown from the park. Bring some beers. Nice park to visit anytime and people watch.

Enjoy your stay!

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