Need help with Wordpress please - Remove Category Boxes from posts

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Anyone who's good with Wordpress need some help...

We want to remove the categories box from showing up under the titles on the homepage and on our slider. Reason being is that we post some articles to ghost categories that we use as landing pages for feeds as well as we have the categories linked from the main menu. We don't want the articles to show up with the category box on them. See the front page for example is probably the easiest to describe. For example you'll see in the slider there is the first post about Tomorrowland it shows as being in 2 categories "Downloads and Media" we just want those boxes not there period. Then under the categories sections on the front page the first post under News shows both categories as "BounFM and News" which we don't need either.

I've searched the code and commented out what I thought would remove the category echo and call function but it did nothing [:/] any help would be awesome!

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