Everyone near Texas A&M/College Station okay?

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AggieDave posted on FB that he wasnt working today and that he's fine.

Yup, I work near the area for a different department and I don't typically work on Mondays, but I was called in and was out there for a good while. I did lose a colleague today, he was a good guy and a good officer. That's after I was called in Sunday morning to do a fatality accident reconstruction.

To break it down, since Texas law enforcement is different than most states, here's what you get in this instance (since the news agencies aren't quite getting it right):

Peace Officers are what any state licensed police officer is, regardless of the agency.
The officer that was killed was a Constable. Constable is an elected official, but he has to be a Peace Officer. They have all the same power as any other police officer in the state, but they are specifically officers of the Justice of the Peace court. Each county will have a few JPs, those are also elected officials and they act as judges. JPs have many other duties, but their courts deal with a lot of civil issues, like small claims court and evictions. The Constable that was killed was serving an eviction notice.

Sate Troopers are peace officers and have no more power or less power than any other peace officer in Texas, they're just tasked with different jobs than a municipal cop (city cop). So is the sheriff, his deputies, city cops, city marshals, school resource officers...there are a lot of different jobs for a Texas Peace Officer to hold.
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