Nike Fuelband Question

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Had a meeting yesterday with a gentlemen whom I hadn't seen in about three months. Complimented him on losing weight and he said that I was the third person in a week that had said that. Asked him if was working out or what and he pointed to his wrist and said, the only change I've made is this Nike Fuelband.

So, we talked about it for a few minutes and he said that he wasn't sure why it might be working. It appeared to be... if nothing else a daily guide as to the amount of calories burned and made me think perhaps it has to do with knowing how much to eat for each meal based on the number of calories burned to that point and how many steps to take to exceed the previous day's steps.

Anyway, I am intrigued and wondered if anyone here has tried it and has an opinion on it. Both Doc and I are on the watch as to the amount of calories consumed as we set into the winter awareness thing.

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So if it works by having an accelerometer around your wrist, I wonder how it'll react to certain types of hand exercises.

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