chicagoland area fellow jumpers...check out!!!

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hi, been awhile since i visited, but when was leaving my job at BP refinery monday found this out..sucks for me because i just FILLED my diesel sunday night after jumping>:( but for my friends, that live IN CHICAGOLAND AREA ONLY... BP has a giveawway of 50cents PER gallon on fillup. i think this was for BP employees for celebration of building the new units, so as a contractor I found out late, the operatop came in our tent a nd told us about it, you get a code thats only good until november 5th. there is only 16,000 left as of today so dont be a DICK and enter if you dont live around here, youll only steal a code from someone who could use it. I figured i would give fellow skydivers a chance. please dont put this on craigslist or facebook. Anyway its not a creditcard deal..just a code you put in at pump
go to www.mybpstation.com/chicago-giveaway there was 45,000 left last night and 16,000 today, thats why no facebook. im doing this as a favor to jumpers.
Blue skies!
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