New skydiving website!!

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Please go and check out a new website I'm developing! It's www.kickassairsports.com Completely uncensored and I'm about to release the blogging side of it where people will be able to interact!


Content copyright 2012. KICKASSAIRSPORTS.COM. All rights reserved.

You've got a lot of balls. Do you actually own the rights to those photos?
quade -
The World's Most Boring Skydiver

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QUOTE : Skydiving And Base Jumping are two dangerous sports that can fuck you up or kill you in a split second, if you are not able to accept this then these sports are not for you. Especially Base Jumping.

Really. I mean, really ?

I will be polite but your website is utter *****


Interesting when you look at the OP's other posts, now this. At least he's consistent:|

Where's moms when we need her. :ph34r:

Going going.......
One Jump Wonder

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